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From revitalizing our body and soul to addressing specific complaints, massage therapies can be an excellent way to achieve overall well-being. Therapeutic massage has proven health benefits that encompass physical relaxation; enhanced energy and vitality; stress reduction; improved blood circulation; respite from tight muscles; pain relief and much more. Just like the benefits of massage therapies vary, their technique, pressure points, and focus areas also vary. As a result, the ultimate benefit from a massage depends on your chosen therapy.

At Daisy Massage and Spa, we strive to cater to the individual needs of all our clients. Therefore, we give you the option to choose from therapeutic massage, cupping therapy, invigorating spa facials, Infrared Sauna/Light therapy and more. We also offer a range of add-on services to guarantee you a nourishing experience. These include aroma therapy, hydration relaxation mask, hot stone, and lavender infused hot towels.

Our therapeutic massage therapies aim at addressing your specific issues. It can be for delivering an unwinding experience so that you can escape the trapping of modern life; or also for achieving structural changes within your body.

Similarly, if you choose to immerse yourself in a spa facial, we will pamper you with an elevated deep cleansing experience that offers remarkable results.

Once done with your massage therapy or spa facial, you can also sweat in an infrared sauna and get rid of the toxins in your body.

We aim at creating exclusive experiences, nurtured by our mindful and thoughtful services. Therefore, our services are fully customizable, which allows us to better address your needs. Through our intuitive consultation, you can figure out the best service that meets your specific requirements and then enjoy a stimulating experience that will leave you revitalized.

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